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Qatar set to join the ATA Carnet system

June 18, 2018 Avalon

Qatar set to join the ATA Carnet system

The United States Council for International Business (UCIB) announced earlier this month that Qatar has officially joined the ATA Carnet system. Qatar’s implementation of the Carnet system is set to begin August 1, 2018. The country will only accept Carnets issued for exhibitions and fairs.

Carnets streamline the customs process for goods that are temporarily imported into a country by allowing entries without the need to pay duties and taxes. One document can be used in over 85 countries and is valid for one year. Learn more about this Merchandise Passport here or visit the USCIB’s website at

Avalon is a distributor of Carnets and provides a full range of Carnet services. You can contact Avalon by emailing or by calling our Carnet hotline at (650) 652-6020.

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