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Cargo Theft Increases

November 26, 2019 Avalon

Cargo Theft Increases

Thanksgiving is upon us but along with the holiday comes an increase in cargo theft. According to CargoNet, thefts are expected to increase due to consumers’ plans to spend more this holiday season.

Cargo thieves take advantage of companies being closed which leaves warehouses empty and containers unattended. CargoNet analyzed data which showed that thefts were highest on the Wednesday before Thanksgiving. Warehouses are the most common location type for cargo theft. Food and beverage are the most common commodity stolen followed closely by electronics.

You can minimize your risk by taking a few precautions this holiday season:

• Avoid leaving unattended trailers loaded with merchandise. If possible, unload them before the holiday or wait to load them after the holiday. If loaded, ensure the trailer has a high-security locking device.

• Secure the premise(s). Ensure that all doors, windows and other points of entry are locked.

• Check your security equipment. Ensure that the alarm system, cameras, phones, lights, and other security measures are working properly.

• Hide valuables. Make sure that keys, important documents, and laptops are not in plain sight and locked in a secure location.

As your trusted partner, we hope that you are fully protected. Our “All Risk” Cargo Insurance coverage provides for these types of risks. For more information, contact please contact your local Avalon representative.

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