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New York Worker's Compensation Laws

Many times we hear from our insureds, “I don’t have enough employees to have to comply with WC laws,” or “All of the truckers I work with have signed a waiver or are not required to carry WC because they are an owner operator.”


Electronic In-Bond Processing

If you handle in-bond cargo, it's important to know the updated in-bond process and CBP's enforcement of the same. Enforcement of ACE reporting for in-bond exports, arrivals and diversions commenced on July 29, 2019.


Recent Preemptive Caselaw and Cargo Claims

The Carmack Amendment specifies duties for shippers and carriers so each is aware of their rights and liabilities when an issue regarding cargo damage or cargo loss arises. The Carmack Amendment is federal law which preempts all state and common law with regards to remedies relating to cargo loss or damage in an interstate shipment.

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Web Merlin

Our Merlin secure internet portal offers a complete tool to manage all of your Customs Bond and Cargo Insurance transactions.

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FIATA Group Bond Programme

FIATA Group Bond Programme

Exclusive bond program for NVOCCs.

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Overwatch, a division of Avalon Risk Management, specializes in risk management services in remote or hostile areas in the Middle East and Africa.

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