Technical Support

Questions about Avalon technology? Our IT team is here to assist.

Tech Support

We offer the best and most innovative technology for our customers that is well established and tested, yet constantly improved.

All of Avalon’s technology development and helpdesk support is managed in-house. This allows us to regularly release updates with new features and enhancements, based on your feedback. We are also active members of several trade associations and committees to continually update our technology initiatives in response to industry trends.

On-site and Web-based training for our technology is readily available. In addition, video and PDF training guides are posted within Merlin to assist in using the portal’s features. Should you have any questions while using our technology, contact our helpdesk. Our knowledgeable IT staff ensures our programs are updated to reflect industry changes and can also assist with any feedback you have.

Contact Avalon's Helpdesk with your Avalon technology questions