Surety Bonds

Supporting your compliance.

Surety Bonds

Avalon’s Surety Bond program keeps your business compliant with the multitude of government requirements for various transportation-related bonds.

We act as a Managing General Agent for our sureties and write more than 35% of all continuous bonds on file with U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP), with a similar percentage of Canadian import bonds through the Canada Border Services Agency (CBSA). Whatever your transportation surety needs, Avalon can assist. Our bond products and services include:

ISF 10+2

ISF (Importer Security Filing) 10+2 filing is mandatory for U.S. importers. Learn about changes and learn how Avalon can help you stay in compliance.

ISF updates
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Surety Bonds
Customs Bond Application & Indemnity  Word  PDF
Miscellaneous Bond Application & Indemnity  Word  PDF
FTZ Bond Application & Indemnity  Word  PDF
FIATA Group Bond Application & Indemnity  Word  PDF
Avalon Carnet Bond Application  Word  PDF
Carnet Application  Word  PDF
General List  Word  PDF
Power of Attorney - For Exporter  Word  PDF
Power of Attorney - For Freight Forwarder  Word  PDF

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