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William Foley CENTRAL2

William Foley
Account Executive

William Foley Jr. is an Account Executive in Avalon’s Central Regional Office and has five years of experience in the commercial insurance sector.  Prior to joining Avalon, William worked with his two closest friends at their own Trucking Insurance agency in New York where he helped the company quadruple their premiums. This experience was invaluable as he worked in every facet of the company from producing new business, to servicing existing clients, to managing the behind-the-scenes operations required to process binders, policies, endorsements, and policy renewals.  William’s well-rounded agency experience and his knowledge of the transportation niche will be invaluable as he helps Avalon’s Central region increase their footprint.

William has a Bachelor’s degree in English Literature and Humanities, as well as an Advanced Liberal Arts degree from SUNY Geneseo.  He played baseball while in college and was also a contracted professional video gamer.

In his free time, William enjoys snowboarding, sports talk and building computers.