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November 30, 2015

Holiday Theft Awareness

Increased cargo theft is common during the holidays. Why? Due to the long weekend, shipments tend to sit unattended in parking lots, docks and warehouses. Thieves and organized theft rings know this weakness and prey on sitting cargo.

According to FreightWatch International, last year there were 12 reported cargo thefts during 2014 that totaled over $930,000 in losses. That dollar amount is staggering, and it can seriously damage a business’ bottom line and reputation with customers.

Here are some notable thefts as recorded by FreightWatch:

  • 2014 – Full Truckload theft of $560K in Cosmetics in North Carolina
  • 2013 – Facility Theft of $648K of Alcohol in Washington
  • 2013 – Full Truckload theft of $250Kof Seafood in New Jersey
  • 2012 – Full Truckload theft of $540K of Copper in Illinois
  • 2012 – Full Truckload theft of $200K of Electronics in California

Be diligent in protecting your company against these risks this year. Put security measures in place, follow proper warehouse operations protocols, and track shipments in-transit. Most of all, prepare for the worst-case-scenario: cargo theft. You can do so by contacting Avalon to assist you in securing “All Risk” Cargo Insurance coverage.

For more information on Cargo Insurance, contact or visit our cargo insurance product page.

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