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October 12, 2015

Cyber Tip of the Week: Know Your Cyber Enemies

According to the FBI, there are four kinds of cyber attackers: state-sponsored, criminal, hacktivists and insiders. In general, these people steal sensitive information to extort or steal money, interrupt business, or expose private information. All of these possible outcomes can cripple companies large and small alike. So, let’s learn more about each of these cyber enemies.


These are individuals or groups acting for a foreign country or company. In the context of a business, this could be competition looking to gain vital information on business strategy in order to gain an advantage. In a worse scenario, they could delete your data and essentially halt all business.


Criminals are in it for the money, but don’t let that fool you into thinking their simple motivations also mean simple strategies. Criminal groups can be highly sophisticated. They are so sophisticated, in fact, that many countries hire just these kinds of people to do their dirty work for them.


These cyber attackers are focused on a political or issue stance. They may not like your company’s practices or kind of service you provide and they will do what they can on the digital end to interrupt your business. Thankfully, they tend to do simple, malicious things that slow things down but are not often successful at larger attacks. However, a breach is a breach, and you must do everything to avoid.


This is, unfortunately, the largest risk to any company, and this link is always the weakest. We all want to trust our workforce, but more often than not, the leak begins in the office. Regular training and awareness around divulging private company information is essential to keeping internal data breeches from occurring.

Next week’s Cyber Tip will discuss best practices for your company in order to avoid cyber theft. Also, if you missed last week’s Cyber Tip on Cyber Risk Stats, read more here.

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