August 31, 2015

Explosions at Chinese Port of Tianjin

The Chinese port of Tianjin, one of the busiest ports in the world, suffered devastating explosions on the night of August 12, ripping through a warehouse containing hazardous chemical materials. In the city of more than 13 million, 158 are confirmed dead, 94 of them firefighters, and around 15 are missing.

The cause for the explosions and the preceding fire still remain unclear. At least one member of staff from Rui Hai International Logistics, which owns the warehouse, has been arrested, according to Chinese media.

Tianjin officials were unable to give a detailed list of the chemicals stored at the warehouse, but sodium cyanide was present and is known to be toxic to humans. Authorities have insisted that the pollutants are contained, but areas near the evacuated area have recorded a level of 27.4 times the normal limit of cyanide. Cleanup efforts are underway.

According to authorities and companies near the blast site, operations at the port are returning to normal, however, bottlenecks still remain. The port remains partially open as the explosion was contained in one section.

If you have any insured shipment in the affected warehouse or any premises in the vicinity, please contact an Avalon representative or email for assistance in verification of the loss. We will assign a surveyor to access damages.

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