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July 15, 2015

ACE eSTB Integration Update

Effective August 8th, Remote Location Filing (RLF) will be available for filers who submit ACE Entry Summaries certified for ACE Cargo Release. Filing RLF Transactions that are certified for ACE Cargo Release will also allow our customs broker clients to file single transaction bonds (STB) electronically via ACE eBond. For more information about ACE eBond, please visit CBP’s eBond page or Avalon’s ebond page. The availability of eBond for Remote Location Filing (RLF) was announced in CSMS# 15-000443 - NCAP Test of Remote Location Filing in ACE and Federal Register Notice dated July 13, 2015.

Under the RLF ACE test, customs brokers will be allowed to file entry types 01, 03, 11 and 52 with an eSTB provided the transaction is submitted as ACE Entry Summary certified for ACE Cargo Release with the required eBond. To participate in the RLF test, customs brokers should contact their assigned ABI Client Representative or Steven Zaccaro at Customs brokers must submit a request to participate and provide CBP with their respective filer code and the ports desired to file RLF currently available at .

In order to participate in the RLF test, customs brokers must also participate in the Digital Imaging System (DIS) to submit invoices, including pro-forma invoices, required or requested by CBP. If you file ACE Entry Summary RLF transactions that are certified for ACE Cargo Release and receive a response message requiring invoice information, your response must be submitted to CBP via the DIS, in lieu of the Automated Invoice Interface (AII) filing method used today in support of ACS RLF submissions. As a reminder, two methods are available for submitting documents to CBP via DIS (Cargo Release document submissions are not supported through ACE Portal Upload functionality):

Participating in this RLF test, will also eliminate the need for a continuous bond provided a single transaction bond is submitted via eBond either through our Web Merlin™ portal or through software integration with your ABI Vendor. Avalon was one of the first to successfully file an eBond, and we have been ready to integrate with ABI vendors for the purposes of filing eSTBs. For more information you can refer to our eBond page and download the CSEC Q&A or ABI Implementation Guide.

In Avalon's latest Web Merlin release, we now have the ability to add SNPs to all existing continuous bonds on file in ACE upon request, and are now able to transmit the SNP to CBP for all new eBonds including continuous bonds, eSTBs and eISFs provided we have your SNP on file. This was done in compliance with CBP's request that SNPs be designated on an eBond to receive updates regarding bonds via the Bond Status message that you will receive in ABI. If you have not done so already, please be sure to provide Avalon with your SNP Code by completing the SNP Code Requst Form. For additional information about SNP's, please refer to CBP's Q&A .

Should you have additional questions, please contact your local Avalon office or Bond Underwriting at or (847) 700-8473.