June 11, 2015

Claims Corner -
Contingent Motor Truck Cargo Coverage

A property broker was responsible for arranging the transport of a shipment of scrap copper moving from Florida to North Carolina. The goods never arrived at their destination in North Carolina. The broker filed a loss claim with the carrier, but was denied because the commodity was excluded under their policy. Fortunately, the property broker had Contingent Motor Truck Cargo and Shield Coverage endorsement on their Combined Transit Liability Policy. The broker placed a loss claim for $134,000. The Contingent Motor Truck Cargo endorsement had a limit of $100,000, but because the broker also had shield coverage on this load, the claim payment was $125,000 after the deductible.

  • Claim Amount: $134,000
  • Claim Payment: $125,000
  • Insured's Deductible: $5,000

For additional information on Avalon’s Combined Transit Liability, contact marketing@avalonrisk.com or http://www.avalonrisk.com/property_broker.html

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