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May 18, 2015

LTL Claim Notification Time Reduced

A new supplement issued by the National Motor Freight Classification (NMFC) drastically impacts LTL concealed damage reporting time.  The change took effect on Saturday, April 18 and states all LTL shippers & receivers now have only five (5) business days to provide notification (verbal or written) of LTL concealed damages to the carrier of record. Initially, consignees had 15 days from delivery to notify the carrier and file a concealed damage claim.

This change requires those receiving shipments to be much more prompt and mindful while inspecting products and notifying carriers. 

  • While inspecting cargo try to mitigate damage by minimizing the movement of the container or product from its delivery location.
  • Make sure to take pictures and notes to document all damages.
  • Report the claim within five days to ensure the claim is honored. By waiting over the five business days to notify the carrier of the claim, honoring the claim will be at the carriers’ discretion.

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