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September 12, 2014

ATA Carnets Exempt from EEI/AES Filing

Avalon previously reported in our Special Quest that CBP and the Census Bureau were in the process of revising its decision on the carnet exemption from the Electronic Export Information (EEI) filing requirement. Today’s Federal Register Notice published the interim final ruling stating exemptions related to Temporary Exports, Carnets and shipments under a Temporary Import Bond will be reinstated. Items requiring export licenses or permits continue to file EEI/AES.

The Census Bureau is amending the following section of the Foreign Trade Regulations:

Revise § 30.37(q) and (r) to reinstate the exemptions from AES filing for temporary exports, including carnets, and goods that were temporarily imported under a TIB for return in the same condition are exempt from AES filing

The exemption, originally removed in the March 2013 U.S. Census Bureau’s Foreign Trade Regulations would have taken effect on October 2nd causing a tremendous amount of strain to freight forwarders, who due to the previous regulations, would have incurred a huge burden on temporary shipments intending to leave the country shortly after entry. 

Avalon is a distributor of Carnets and provides a full range of Carnet services.  For more information, please view Avalon's Carnet Brochure or the USCIB's website at You can contact Avalon by emailing or by calling our Carnet hotline at (650) 652-6020.

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