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June 6, 2014

ISF Update in Web Merlin™ Released

Avalon has worked closely with CBP to provide the Vessel Departure Messages (VDM) in our surety data so we can proactively help you and your import clients with ISF compliance.  As mentioned in our previous Special Quest™, Avalon began to receive the VDM with our monthly ISF report available through ACE on March 10, 2014.

Currently, the ISF surety data from CBP only contains the VDM on approximately 25% of ISF transactions. Although we do not receive VDMs on all ISF transactions, we believe that the tools we released last night in Web Merlin are still extremely useful in monitoring ISF compliance. Reports will still highlight sources of compliance concerns (offices or importers) and email notifications will identify importers where there are known late ISF transmissions.

Avalon will continue to work with CBP and other commercially-available data sources to provide the most timely and accurate data possible.

As of June 6, 2014, we have implemented changes in Web Merlin™ that will allow our customers to utilize this data to monitor compliance with regards to late files. This functionally not only provides information on Single ISF-Appendix D bonds, but also ISF activity under Continuous Bonds where you are the Broker of Record.

This most recent release of Web Merlin™ includes:

  • ISF Late Files Email Notification – Users can sign up to receive email notifications of ISF late files. Reports will be pushed to subscribers as soon as new data is received from CBP (currently a monthly schedule via ACE).
  • ISF Late Files by Account / Importer – Users can run compliance reports to find out which of their branches and/or import clients have had late files within a certain date range.
  • ISF Transaction Query -  Allows users to query by Importer #, Importer Name, ISF Transaction #, Bill of Lading #, or Bond number to see a history of ISF Transactions that Avalon has received from CBP.

If you are receiving this Special Quest™ you already have access to these exclusive Web Merlin™ features. Please contact your Avalon representative should you have any questions about this functionality.

For more information, visit our ISF archives page where we provide the most current information on ISF and copies of all prior presentation, webinar recordings, and links to CBP’s ISF web page.  Or please contact our ISF Hotline at (847) 700-TISF or email

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