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April 30, 2013

Mexico continues to be hot spot for cargo theft

FreightWatch International, a logistics security services provider, issued a Mexico Cargo Theft report for the first quarter of 2013. The report stated 303 cargo theft incidents in Mexico. Although the number shows a significant decrease from the same time last year, the decrease could be due to lack of reporting and not a true reduction in crime. Reports continue to come in regarding the country and companies threatened by Cartel.

High-jacking remains the primary method of cargo theft in Mexico, making up 61% of all Q1-13 incidents. However, thieves seem to be shifting to less a confrontational approach, as theft of trailer has increased from 4% to 14% since last year. Among the 303 cargo thefts recorded in Q1-13, Food/Drinks remain the most targeted product type, with 29% of the total. Transporters are recommended to avoid highways in the states of Tamaulipas and Michoacán, where crime levels are highest.

The Mexican government announced two new initiatives to combat crime on Mexico’s highways, expected to roll out sometime this year. The “Highway Quadrant” initiative focuses on increased federal police surveillance, aiming to deter criminals, respond to incidents, and increase intelligence-gathering along the nation’s highways. A 10,000 member police force using military personnel is also being created to reinforce local authorities investigating cargo thefts and other serious crimes.

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