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COVID-19 Back to Work Considerations

Most companies in the transportation industry are considered essential businesses. As such, many firms have kept their offices and warehouses open during the COVID-19 pandemic. Others, however, (particularly those that do not physically handle freight) have had their employees working from home. Even those whose physical locations have remained open may presently be operating with reduced onsite staffing.


FMC Issues New Guidance on Detention & Demurrage

On April 28, 2020, the Federal Maritime Commission (FMC) issued new guidance about how it will assess the reasonableness of detention and demurrage regulations and practices of ocean carriers and marine terminal operators (MTOs) under 46 U.S.C. 41102(c). The Final Rule will become effective once it is published in the Federal Register.


Receive Spot Freight Cargo Insurance

Avoid adding extra risks during these challenging times. Having All-Risk Cargo Insurance when your shipments are lost, stolen or damaged can save your business extra hassle. Avalon has teamed up with Loadsure to offer simplified spot freight cargo insurance. Loadsure empowers brokers, shippers, and carriers to manage this risk with per-load cargo insurance delivered in real-time. If you have any questions on cargo insurance, please contact your local Avalon representative.


COVID-19 90-Day Postponement of Duties

By now, we hope you have seen the notifications from CBP about the 90-day Postponement of Duty Deferral. Our President, Lisa Gelsomino, is the Trade Co-Chair for COAC and has participated in multiple trade calls since Sunday night to obtain the most current information.

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Our Merlin secure internet portal offers a complete tool to manage all of your Customs Bond and Cargo Insurance transactions.

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FIATA Group Bond Programme

FIATA Group Bond Programme

Exclusive bond program for NVOCCs.

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Overwatch, a division of Avalon Risk Management, specializes in risk management services in remote or hostile areas in the Middle East and Africa.

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