Carrier Vetting Services

Select motor carriers with confidence using our Carrier Vetting Tool.

Carrier Vetting

The Problem

When you select motor carriers to move your customers goods, you can be held liable for claims when the carrier that you select is involved in an accident resulting in death, bodily injury, or damage to third party property. Judgments can run into the millions of dollars and in some cases, have exceeded $20 million. Suits often allege that the party hiring the carrier “should have known” that the carrier lacked proper insurance or had a poor safety record.

The Solution

Avalon’s Carrier Vetting Tool, available to our Merlin customers, is an easy and efficient way to learn more about the federally licensed motor carriers you select. At the click of a button, you can access valuable information to help you select motor carriers with confidence.

While Avalon recommends that companies who select motor carriers carry Contingent Automobile and cargo Insurance including dishonest acts, having proper carrier qualification procedures can reduce your liability, lower the incidence of losses to your customers cargo and help detect fraudulent operators.

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