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December 15, 2020

ONE Apus Cargo Damage

On November 30th, the M/V ONE Apus was sailing from Yantian, China to Long Beach, CA when it encountered gale-force winds around 1600 miles northwest of Hawaii. The vessel, which has a carrying capacity of 14,052 TEUs, lost containers overboard due to the severe weather. As a result of this incident, M/V ONE Apus was diverted and is now berthed in the port of Kobe, Japan. It is estimated that in excess of 1800 containers were lost overboard. 64 of these containers were designated as dangerous goods. 54 of the dangerous goods containers contained fireworks, eight held batteries, and two containers were loaded with liquid ethanol.

Ocean Network Express (ONE) has created a ONE APUS Container Incident Information Centre website to provide all updates regarding this situation. As of December 11th, they have issued seven statements regarding the incident. The most recent statement indicates that “operations for the safe removal of the displaced containers on deck have started after permission to proceed was granted by the Japanese Coast Guard.” A previous statement indicated that “a full safety inspection of the vessel and its remaining cargo will now take place with the assistance of local emergency services to ensure that there is no threat to people or the environment posed by the dislodged and damaged containers that remain on deck. Once the vessel and cargo are declared safe, surveyors from the various stakeholders will make their initial assessments whilst stowage planners and stevedores formulate and implement a plan to ensure the safe removal of the remaining units.”

According to some reports, this is one of the worst cargo loss events experienced without the corresponding loss of the vessel itself and far exceeds the average loss of containers in such an event as tracked by the shipping associations and insurance companies.

What must be done if you had cargo on this vessel?

It is imperative to put all parties involved in the transportation of the cargo on notice of the loss or damage. Below is a list of items you will want to be able to provide to Avalon when filing a cargo claim:

  • • Obtain location of cargo and estimate of type of damage
  • • Obtain estimate of amount of damage
  • • Proof of Insurance (i.e., certificate of insurance, declaration, etc.)
  • • Completed Preliminary Notice of Claim form
  • • Copy of written notice of loss to the transporting carrier
  • • House and Master Bill of Lading
  • • Customs Form 7501 (if import shipment)
  • • Copy of Commercial Invoice
  • • Packing List
  • • Summary of the situation

  • Please note that at this time, there is no indication of General Average being declared for the ONE Apus. If General Average is declared, the claims procedures will be different. We will keep you apprised if this occurs. If you are filing a claim with Avalon, documents can be emailed to our Transportation Claims Department at If you have additional questions, you can contact your local Avalon representative, a listing can be found here.

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