September 12, 2017

Claims From Aftermath of Hurricanes

In the aftermath of Hurricane Harvey, and as the remnants of Hurricane Irma continue to dissipate, we hope this communication finds you and your loved ones safe and sound. Our thoughts remain with those who have been personally impacted.

At this time, our Houston office is fully operational, while both our Miami and Charleston offices are closed. Avalon remains committed to providing our valued clients with unparalleled service during this difficult time. For the time being, Avalon clients normally serviced by Miami or Charleston offices should contact our Houston office at (713) 343-0889 or email You can also reach any of our other regional offices for assistance or contact our corporate office in Chicago at (847) 700-8100.

Reporting Claims
We recognize that many of our clients may not know the extent of the storms’ impact on their businesses yet, however we stand ready to help you navigate through the claims process. Both our regional employees and our claims department are here to help. Once it is safe to return to your locations, please let us know of any damages, whether you think the damage is covered by insurance or not. Although Flood is an excluded cause of loss on many policies, there may be coverage for your specific loss depending on the circumstances, the type of coverage you have and the factors that caused or contributed to the loss. All of these factors will be taken into account and evaluated when your claim is submitted.

We have created a checklist of points to consider when assessing any damage that may have occurred. If you suspect that you may have suffered a loss, contact Avalon for assistance:

  • Did your building sustain damage from the storm?
  • Did any of your furnishings, computers, equipment sustain direct damage?
    • If so, what is the apparent cause?
    • Make a list of items damaged and their estimated value.
  • Take photos of any damage to building, vehicles or personal property.
    • Take photos of any openings in buildings or roofs caused by the storm, whether you own or rent your building.
  • Were your business operations suspended due to physical loss or damage?
    • How long?
    • What was the cause of the suspension?
    • If your area was impacted by mandatory road closures, please note the location of the obstructions.
    • Is your building accessible?
  • Was any cargo in transit at the time of the hurricane?
    • Have you received notice of any damage to any insured shipments?
    • Are you being held responsible for any damage to customers' cargoes?

Claims may always be reported by contacting one of our representatives or by emailing If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to reach out to your local Avalon representative.

As always, we hope everyone will take proper precautions and stay safe. We thank you for your patience as we recoup from the aftermath of these storms.

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