June 29, 2017

Cyber Attack Disrupts Logistics

Problems started on June 27th when ocean carrier Maersk and APM Terminals became victims of the Petya cyber attack. While logistics was not the only industry hit, this caused problems processing orders, delaying cargoes, and crowding at ports around the world, including in the United States. It is unknown whether the attack has spread to the ships but they are still able to maneuver and communicate.

Maersk preemptively shut down a few of their systems to avoid further damage and have issued a customer advisory. They are working with experts to remedy the problem. With limited access to their computer systems, they are utilizing alternative methods to run the business, such as manually booking orders, clearing cargo, and loading and offloading vessels. As of now, existing customers can use INTTRA to make booking request but confirmations will not be sent to Maersk until their systems resume normal operation. Terminals are also trying to find ways to work out of the Maersk network.

With such far-reaching connections, Maersk must be careful in how they manage this issue. They need to ensure that the attack is fully contained and will not infect any of their customers, vendors, or partners. Data may be restored, but depending on how often data is backed up, there could be inconsistencies. Don’t let a cyber attack hinder your business. Learn a few tips on how to protect yourself from Avalon’s recent article on Beware of Ransomware.

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