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November 22, 2016

Be Alert: Theft increases this weekend

According to FreightWatch statistics, since 2010, the transportation industry has experienced over three thefts per day during the Thanksgiving holiday weekend. Many companies are closed and workers are home spending time with family. Shipments are left unattended. Coincidentally, consumers start their holiday shopping so shipments tend to contain more high value items like electronics and clothing. Criminals are aware of these and will take advantage of them. You can decrease your risk by taking a few precautions:

  1. Avoid leaving unattended trailers loaded. If possible, unload them before the holiday or load them afterwards.
  2. Consider geo-fencing. Hide a covert tracking device in your container or product packaging.
  3. Secure the premise. Lock all doors, windows, and other points of entry.
  4. Hide valuables. Remove all keys and confidential documents from plain sight.
  5. Check equipment. Before leaving for the holiday, ensure that the alarm system, phones, lights, and other equipment are working properly.

These are just a few preventive measures to reduce your risk of theft. As your trusted partner, we hope that you are fully protected. Our “All Risk” Cargo Insurance coverage covers theft and other unforeseen situations. For more information, email us or visit our cargo insurance page.

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