September 15, 2016

New FMC Online Registration Renewal System for Non-U.S. Based NVOCCs

As of August 3, 2016, non-U.S. based Non-Vessel-Operating Common Carriers (NVOCCs) registered with the FMC will manage their registration through a new online system. They will receive an email notification alerting them to their upcoming renewal date. The electronic filing system will no longer allow for paper, email or facsimile renewals. The email will provide all instruction for how to login and access the system.

The new renewal process will pre-populate Form FMC-65 utilizing the most current information for the registered NVOCC on file. If the information is correct, the NVOCC, authorized tariff publisher or third-party filer will only need to click “submit” to complete the renewal. If any of the information is incorrect, the filer can make the appropriate changes before submitting. Confirmation of the renewal will be sent to the filer, and another message will be sent to indicate whether the submission was accepted or if more information is needed.

"Any non-U.S. based NVOCC not licensed with the Federal Maritime Commission (FMC) must file a registration Form FMC-65 (Non-U.S. based Unlicensed NVOCC Registration/Renewal), before performing services in the U.S. foreign oceanborne trades. A registration for an unlicensed, non-U.S. based NVOCC is effective for a 3-year period. There is no fee to file Form FMC-65 for a registration renewal."

In addition to this, the FMC includes this important note: “Failure to timely renew a registration by filing Form FMC-65 via the new automated renewal system can result in the termination or suspension of an NVOCC’s registration.”

For more information about the system or renewal process for foreign-based NVOCCs, please email or call (202) 523-5843.

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